Our Shetland yarn has moved! Click here to travel to Jorstad Creek, Olympia, Washington and the Shetland Yarn's new home.
AND, our Coastal yarn has moved along with our Shetland yarn to the same home. Click here to travel to Jorstad Creek, Olympia, Washington the Coastal Yarn's new home.
You're probably already noticed, but the Cormo moved earlier in the year and can be found by clicking here.
And last, but not least, if you want to keep up with my post-retirement activities -- click here. And thank you to all .... Jeane deCoster

Shetland and Coastal Yarn News

(December 2022)

Update: (January 3rd) Jorstad Creeks' shopping cart now includes both the Shetland yarn and the Coastal yarn. Click above on the appropriate link.

Update: (December 29, 2022) We've made the move to Jorstad Creek's updated website. Both the Shetland and Coastal yarns are now up on their retail website. All the inventory is up in Washington and all future orders will be processed and sent from their new home.

To navigate directly to the page with either yarn -- click on the link above. Otherwise, from Jorstad Creek's home page (www.JorstadCreek.com) navigate to Shop/Hand Dyed Yarn .... and then either Shetland or Coastal yarns. And, for some extra Shopping joy -- take a look at all all of their other loverly hand-dyed yarns.

Click on the red "Click Here to Read" link below to learn more about Jorstad Creek.

Hey all -- our Coastal and Shetland yarns are in the process of moving to a new home. A letter went out today (December 8) to all of our wholesale customers. Click here to read.