December 8, 2022: Letter to wholesale customers

Dear Elemental Affects Customers,

I have exciting news. Jorstad Artisan Yarns and owner Kerry Graber are taking over the production of American Shetland and Coastal yarns. The transition has been in the planning stages in recent weeks, and the process is nearly complete.

Jorstad as a yarn company and dye house has been in business since 2010 when it launched at the Nordic Knitting Conference in Ballard, Washington. Jorstad expanded at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma with a selection of locally made wool yarn and spinning fiber, under the brand name Jorstad Creek. Now a yarn company that offers luxury hand-dyed yarn and spinning fiber to wholesale customers, Jorstad is bringing the Elemental Affects yarns into its catalog. Jorstad has a stellar reputation for customer service, and brings a love of yarn, fiber, color, design, and craft to the yarn market.

Kerry is looking forward to making the Shetland fingering from sheep to dyed yarn, continuing a close relationship with shepherds, mills, suppliers, pattern designers, and store owners. Coastal in all its unique beauty and shine also fits a niche in the yarns Kerry produces, and she is also looking forward to taking over the production of this luxury blend.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, in the next few weeks you will find Shetland and Coastal yarns on the Jorstad website. Her first innovation will be to add an wholesale page for those of you who would like to place orders directly on-line. Kerry and her staff will send you each a password in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, her phone number is: 1-360-915-9258 and her email address is: Feel free to call her to discuss your needs with her. You can also phone (760-668-2937) me or email me at: if you have questions during the next few months. The website will be maintained during this transition and I will keep it updated with information and links until it can be folded into the Jorstad Artisan Yarns site.

What is on the horizon for me as I transition Elemental Affects to Kerry? I'll be helping Jorstad in the transition through the start of the new year, as well as helping Kerry through the first season of Shetland wool collection, sorting, and. the many tasks required to make this American-made yarn. Then I will be traveling, weaving, and staying in touch with friends. I will be setting up a new website ( for smaller design projects and will include a link to access Jorstad.

I am looking forward to this change and I know I am leaving you all in good hands.


Jeane deCoster