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Three-End Swedish Lace Patterns from Heddlecraft

Designer: Jeane deCoster

I was quite excited to collaborate with Robyn Spady on these woven Three-End Swedish Lace patterns. Published in the September/October 2020 issue of Robyn's Heddlecraft publication, these two scarves were designed to work with one skein of my Civility Fingering yarn. Both are quick, easy projects that can easily be woven in a day. We both thought they would make great last minute gift ideas for weavers who have left their holiday gift weaving a bit too late.

A note missing from the pattern: To weave the 72" scarf length described in the pattern (with the Civility yarn) -- you need to weave about 90 inches. There will be about a 20% takeup in length when removed from the loom and finished.

Free Pattern