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Designer: Ksenia Naidyon

The beautiful unity of fibers brought together in Coastal made me immediately think of all the textures that could be rediscovered in this yarn. No surprise that the final design combines quite a few of them - slipped and twisted stitches, small biased stripes, Japanese wrapped stitches and two kinds of nupps. Subtle sheen, gentle variations in color and gorgeous drape of Coastal bring all the textures together without overspicing them.

The playful texture of the senecio plant - also known as string of pearls - was the inspiration behind this design. Similarly to how tender strands of senecio become thinner as they descend from the center of the plant, the embellishment of nupps changes to more and more subtle from the top to the bottom of the yoke until it dissolves completely in the gentle ribbing.

Senecio is worked from the top down seamlessly with the round yoke. The neck is shaped with short rows. The main stitch pattern is easy to memorize and entertaining to knit. Instructions are both charted and written.

  • Type: Pullover/Short-sleeve Top
  • Sizes:14 from 33" - 60" bust
  • Yarn: Coastal / 4-11 skeins
  • Sample knit in Sincere Sheep Coastal Suerte (Closest Elemental Affects color: Cut Grass)
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