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Designer: Varian Brandon

You know those stories of simple village folk visited by a sorceress who appears out the mists, shrouded in mystery? Her cloak is covered with ancient patterns that seem to protect her from all ills and warn her of all dangers. She is powerful and clever. A good person to have on your side. This is Aerion. Her coat can make you feel a bit mysterious while you are weaving your magic.

Fashioned in a kimono-style for easy wearing, this pattern uses a combination of stranded knitting, a touch of what looks like intarsia, and several dressmaking techniques. These techniques, combined with the characteristics of the Elemental Affects Shetland yarn, make a soft, warm, wearable, fantastic coat that can take you from the grocery store, to work or the theatre ... or maybe to a small simple village you might need to protect!

Pattern and Yarn