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Shetland Skein set of all minis
Shetland Minis-All

Carefully sourced from a dedicated group of Shetland breeders, this yarn is made from the finest Shetland fleece available in the U.S. ...

The range of dyed colors you see here are dyed on ALL of the natural colors except black. And, the colors here represent a moment in time. This means that dyelots shift every year based on what the sheep produce for us and how it is blended. Colors on this page and in any given set of color cards will be somewhat different -- but always representing the color intention.

Fiber: 100% North American Shetland Wool
Skein Size: 1/4 oz (7 grams) with approximately 28 yards each skein
Spinning Info: 2-ply, woollen spun
Dyed-Colors: 46
Natural Colors: 7

There's even more to the story of this yarn here.

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