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Worsted ($20.50)


Our wool came back from our new semi-worsted mill. It's softer, stronger and yummier! As you can see, we have a whole new set of colors to go with the new yarn. I've been scrambling to formulate the new colors, get them up on the website as soon as possible. More news to come, but the new colors are listed below and ready for sale. Consider this our "soft launch" and watch out for new patterns and projects from Fancy Tiger and some surprise designers! (05/12/2020)

Heirloom is a 100% U.S. grown, milled and dyed Romney yarn that we produced for Fancy Tiger Crafts. Romney are an especially adorable breed of sheep that evolved from medieval longwool sheep. Their wool is lustrous, strong and hardy and garments made from it will look great for years to come.

Add a color to your shopping cart, select a weight and quantity and ... KNIT! ...

Fiber: 100% Romney Wool
Skein Size: 4 oz (112 gr) skeins with approximately 200 yards each skein
Spinning Info: 2-ply, woollen spun
Dyed-Colors: 19
Natural Colors: 2

There's even more to the story of this yarn here.

Heirloom Romney is also available directly from Fancy Tiger Crafts at this link and from retailers on this list.

Color: 50 Medium Natural
50 Medium Natural
bigger picture of Medium Natural
Color: 51 Light Natural
51 Light Natural
bigger picture of Light Natural
Color: 52 Pink Peppercorn
52 Pink Peppercorn
bigger picture of Pink Peppercorn
53 Color: Ligonberry
53 Ligonberry
bigger picture of Ligonberry
Color: 54 Grapefruit
54 Grapefruit
bigger picture of Grapefruit
Color: 56 Malt
56 Malt
bigger picture of Malt
Color: 57 Tumeric
57 Tumeric
bigger picture of Tumeric
Color: 58 Pomello
58 Pomello
bigger picture of Pomello
Color: 59-Guava
59 Guava
bigger picture of Guava
Color: 60 Seaweed
bigger picture of Seaweed
Color: 61 Agave
61 Agave
bigger picture of Agave
Color: 62 Sedum
62 Sedum
bigger picture of Sedum
Color: 63 Spruce
63 Spruce
bigger picture of Spruce
Color: 64 Bilberry
64 Bilberrys
bigger picture of Bilberry
Color: 65 Blue Damson
65 Blue Damson
bigger picture of Blue Damson
Color: 66 Blackberry
66 Blackberry
bigger picture of Blackberry
Color: 67 Concord
67 Concord
bigger picture of Concord
Color: 68 Eggplant
68 Eggplant
bigger picture of Eggplant
Color: 69 Radicchio
69 Radicchio
bigger picture of Radicchio
Color: 70 Pepper
70 Pepper
bigger picture of Pepper
Color: 71 Quail
71 Quail
bigger picture of Quail