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  Cormo Story   


Sheep and (wo)Man

Any collection of breed-specific yarns needs a soft white yarn that will appeal to knitters far and wide (not just us "wool nerds) and Cormo is one of the best representatives of this class of yarn. It is a lusterous, long-staple, soft (fine micron), resilient (springy) wool that can be worn against your skin and feel wonderful. And, when spun with the right amount of twist, absolutely resistent to creating annoying pills.

It was quite a challenge finding a soft, white commercial wool that wasn't Merino.

Our Cormo is raised primarily in the West on multi-generational family ranches. One such ranch is the Pheasant Ranch, a 100 year-old family ranch in Wyoming, U.S.A. Bruce Pheasant’s family are early settlers of the region and, I’m told, survivors of the infamous turn-of-the-century Johnson County range-wars that pitted sheep and cattle growers against each other. For the past 30+ years, Bruce has been nurturing his flock of Cormo sheep with careful range management, breeding and healthy feed choices. The result is a strong, lustrous, against-your-skin soft (21 micron average), long-staple fiber.

Working with another local resource (Mountain Meadows Wool Mill) in Wyoming, some of the yarn is processed and spun within 30 miles of where it is raised!

The wool was combed to remove short bits and spun with a hi-twist -- both choices made to complement and highlight the natural characteristics of the fiber.