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Shetland Yarn News

(April 2020)

The 2019 collection of wool went really well and we are finally fully back in stock again!

And . . . I'll be heading out on a new collection tour of the West Coast and North West to pick up this year's clip of wool from our participating breeders. I'll be taking lots of pictures and doing my best to post a new story in my sporadic newsletter.

  Click here to review available colors and read more about this popular yarn.

Shopping Cart Update - Return Policy

(April 2021)

I want to remind everybody that as of the beginning of this year, I have had to make a change to how I dye yarn in my studio. Instead of dying a lot extra and keeping it inventory, I am now "dyeing-to-order."

This change has let me stay in business through the current crisis, but it means that you need to be extra careful to buy more than enough of your chosen dyelot. Returns in their original conditions will be accepted for store credit only.

  Remember, while it might be easier to shop in your pj's at home -- your LYS is still your best source for a hands-on shopping experience.

  Peruse this list of stores that may be near you!

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